Choosing the Right WordPress Plan

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Choosing the Right WordPress Plan

Throughout the globe, WordPress is something which is exceedingly popular. Lately, WordPress is known not only to host personal blogs for the upcoming bloggers but also host websites for numerous small, mid and big size firms. To cite an example, Forbes and BBC are the best-known players in the market who have opted to host their website on WordPress. Many individuals go for WordPress due to its ease of use and user-friendly features. WordPress equips its users with several plugins, themes and enables them to add exceptional features in a click.

Hosting is something that remains unaddressed lately while selecting WordPress plans. No matter whether you are a personal blogger or a large size firm, knowing the kind of plan which suits you the best is very essential. If your website is built on WordPress, hosting on the same is definitely an undoubted winner. These days, there are numerous WordPress plans and all of them are built primarily to cater to WordPress websites effectively.

WordPress Plans & Their Types

While you are selecting a WordPress plan for your website or your blog it is imperative to take a note of what you are looking for. Each and every plan is unique and caters to different kinds of needs. In order to upscale your business, you need to sit and understand each plan thoroughly. Some of the WordPress web hosting plans are listed below.

–    Managed WordPress Hosting

–    WordPress on Shared Hosting

–    WordPress on VPS Hosting

–    WordPress on dedicated Hosting

WordPress on Shared Hosting

This is one of the most popular WordPress plans. One of the best things about this kind of plan is that it is simple to understand and is opted by beginners who are launching their first website. It is cost efficient and lately, many hosting solutions equip the customer with tools that enable them to easily install WordPress. Many websites share the same server in this type of hosting. One of the advantages of WordPress on Shared Hosting is that the stability is pretty good.

WordPress on VPS Hosting

VPS implies Virtual Private Server. In this type of plan, a physical server is broken down into multiple servers. WordPress on VPS hosting lets the users install WordPress in an entirely isolated environment. This works best for websites with medium traffic. If you are someone who is looking for control over your website, VPS does so almost like a dedicated server, but at a cheaper rate. Adding to this, there are numerous options to customize your site and the scalability and speed are good. What’s more? You’ll hardly find any dip in performance.

WordPress on Dedicated Servers

This plan is specifically for customers whose websites have significantly high traffic, that too to an extent that if one opts for any other hosting option, it might compromise on the performance. In this case, WordPress can be installed on a dedicated server. A physical server is entirely leased from the hosting provider. One thing that sets this plan apart from all the others is the fact that it gives you full control over your server and you need to manage it all by yourself until and unless you wish to opt for a managed support option. If you are someone who does not have experience in server administration, then you will have to hire a specialist.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a kind of plan that manages everything on its own without letting the users worry about anything. The solutions offered by this hosting plan are the same for small and large businesses alike. Managed WordPress hosting plan helps in the optimum performance of your website by making sure that your site is secure and regular backups are taken care of. The websites are hosted on isolated servers thereby giving a performance boost instead of downtime worries.


All in all, these are the different kinds of WordPress plans you need to look out for while selecting WordPress hosting. In a nutshell, WordPress hosting is affordable and comes up with several great features. As a recommendation, you can go through Bluehost’s WordPress hosting plans, one of the best hosting solution providers that you will find today.